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5 day free range red stag hunt - $3,990

5 hunting days (1/2 upon arrival+4 full days+1/2 day upon departure)

One trophy red stag (no limit on score).

By trophy stag we mean a mature, well developed stag with 12, 14, 15 or more points.

No limit on score means that if in the course of your hunt we come upon a high scoring gold medal stag you can shoot it at no extra charge.

One European boar at no extra charge

Lodging at world-class lodge

All meals & beverages (alcoholic and non)

1x1 guiding

Transportation during the hunt

Field preparation of trophies (skinning, bleaching and delivery to exporter in Buenos Aires)

Airport pick up and transfers between airports (arrival and departure)

Hunting license ($200) & tags ($50)

The Stag on below right is the new #2 Argentina record.






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