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 Hello, my name is Dale Matthews and I grew up in a hunting family, taking my first deer when I was 14 years old.  My father taught me the value of the outdoors and to respect nature and it's animals.  I have hunted in Africa, Canada, and in the U.S.  My trophies are now residing in my new trophy room in my home that lies in the shadow of Mount St. Helens in Washington state.  I have passed on this hunting heritage to my daughter Melissa. Melissa has joined me on  several Deer and Elk hunts and she was proud to harvest her first deer in 2001. 
       I truly know that my life experience in many types of hunts becomes very valuable when planning a hunt or touring/photo safari for my clients.  I have been there and used my experience in preparing my clients for their chosen trips.  I will provide and walk you through the paperwork necessary and give you valuable tips and information to assure you a successful and truly memorable hunt or touring experience. 
     I am the current President of the Portland, Oregon chapter of Safari Club International, and my wife Chris is the Chapter's Sables representative and also an SCI member.

I book every trip like it was my own, taking pride in providing each client with the trip of a lifetime.  The proof is in the pudding because as I have traveled around the World and talked with hunting, fishing and sightseeing enthusiasts from all walks of life I hear many of them tell me of trips that fell far short of their expectations and that they had no one to contact who could help. Many of these people spoke of safaris and expeditions saying "I wish I would have been given better information and more basics before leaving home because I spent much of the trip just trying to locate items I could have brought from home or learn things that were essential for a fun and successful trip." 

     I am proud of my reputation in the expedition business and also proud to say that many of my clients return again for repeat adventures, call to ask what other offerings I will recommend and refer their friends, bosses, employees and business associates. Client and reference lists are available upon request.  Give me (Dale Matthews) of Iron Mountain Adventures a call or drop him me email, and  let me put together your next outdoor experience.  You won't be disappointed - I give you my promise that I will do everything I am able to give you everything I can to truly maximize your adventure and to prepare you for an outstanding expedition that you will remember for the rest of your life and to exceed your expectations so that you and your friends will come back and ask for my suggestions and services again and again in the years to come. You've got my name on it. 


AND AS A FINAL NOTE ........ Many booking agents or travel agency employees have never been to Africa or Canada and spend most of their time behind a desk looking at pictures and deciding from a few brochures where they can "place" you on your adventure. All too often this just becomes a numbers game. These people just don't get the chance to take off their headset phones and step outside the city long enough to see the World like we have. Very few agents ever get the perspective of a paying guest. Most just try to fill slots without regard to what the guest really wants to do. Dale Matthews has experienced the Safaris and expeditions he offers and has a first hand knowledge of exactly what to expect on these various outings. Whether your trip is for a single person looking for a world-class trophy animal, a group looking for photo and sightseeing opportunities, a group of business associates looking to share the outdoors or a family seeking a perfect vacation, Dale Matthews will help you in planning the perfect trip. If you already know exactly what you want Dale will give you the best information on what to bring, what not to bring and much more to help you spend more time enjoying and less time "wishing you would have known that earlier." But the best part of all is that you pay nothing extra for Dale's Services. Iron Mountain Adventures does not tack any additional fees or surcharges of any kind on to the cost of your trip. Iron Mountain Adventures is compensated by the Outfitters because a lot of the preparation and ground work that many Outfitters don't have time to deal with is all done by Dale Matthews and it saves the Safari and Fishing and Hunting Outfitter companies lots of time and resources. The bottom is that you don't end up paying anything extra for the expertise and knowledge of Dale Matthews and Iron Mountain Adventures but you get all the extra help so it just doesn't make good sense to plan your adventure of a lifetime without contacting Iron Mountain Adventures.




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